Tervuren is a municipality in Flemish-Brabant, and comprises the vilages Duisburg, Moorsel, Tervuren and Vossem. There are almost 23 000 inhabitants. Tervuren attracts a lot of tourists who are often looking for a hike or bike ride in the beautiful Park of Tervuren. But there is more to Tervuren than nature. As you will see, some of the pictures that decorate the website have been taken on recognizable places in and around Tervuren: the Jazzfountain of Bandundu Water Jazz Band, the Royal Museum for Central Africa, the famous Tram 44, the old railway station (built for the World exhibition of 1897), the big elephant statue (built for the World exhibition of 1935), ….. We love these places!


We would love to work together with local shops, pubs, restaurants to give the people living in or visiting Tervuren, a beer to identify themselves with and make them enjoy a product that has been created locally. We see Tervoerke as a perfect representation of Tervuren.