Challenging, exciting, inspiring, the journey of building AD brewing has enriched us with purpose, and creativity drove us to reimagine traditional Belgian brews.

Our Story

The story begins in India – Anirudh who is finishing his bachelor’s in biotechnology in Hyderabad had the chance to visit Carlsberg brewery in the outskirts of the city. He was mesmerized by how a bunch of grain and hops were being transformed into a golden sparkling beverage that could refresh and harbinger of good times. He moved to Lille in the north of France to study food technology with a focus on brewing, going on to do multiple internships and projects on beer brewing thereby familiarizing himself with the traditional beers in the north of France. Chance happened to bring him to Brussels for an internship that led to a job at the same company where he crossed paths with Dimitri in 2017.

Our Passion

Dimitri is Belgian, originally from Leuven, and moved to Tervuren about 12 years ago. Already a veteran in beverage science for about 18 years, and being born in ‘the’ beer country he was already familiar with the taste of great Belgian beers. Anirudh had the opportunity of working closely with Dimitri; being industrious and passionate about learning and developing new products for over 2 years showed them that they could do and build something more if they worked together; their interests and passion in consuming and appreciating good beer culminated in deciding to brew it as a hobby.

Traditional Belgian Beers

As hobby brewing progressed in Tervuren, over the years Anirudh spent more time in the city, biking and strolling in the Tervuren park, enjoying beers on the terraces of the city center and visiting the Africa museum. Experimentation and trials led to the creation of signature brews which were consistently loved by friends and family. That led to thoughts of taking those brews to the market, with the aim of letting people appreciate new spins on traditional Belgian beers.


Thus, after months of deliberation and debate on the company name, the original name used during the prototyping stage stuck and so The AD Brewing Company was founded by Anirudh Bobbili and Dimitri Tips in the course of 2019 – a simple name that is easy to pronounce in different languages by people coming from different origins like the founders.