Two years of recipe finetuning, many tasting sessions, back and forth discussions with beer lovers and beer tasters, resulted in Tervoerke Tripel. As we do not own a brewery (it might be one of our wild dreams), we are currently brewing at the brewery of Craywinckelhof in Lubbeek (Leuven).

We are extremely thankful for the expertise and brewing tips we got from them.

Tervoerke Tripel
We are proud to present to you our crown jewel. Tervourke tripel captures the essence of Belgium’s most loved beer yet has its own signature of spices and fruity notes that make it unique, its a full-bodied beer, with undertones of malty sweetness.

Next to our commercially available Tripel, we are also brewing some other beer styles, like Dubbel, Witbier, Stout, New England IPA, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us and pass by to taste one of those beers, you’ll find descriptions of some of them below. They are not yet commercially available, but if you’re eager to taste, do not hesitate to contact us and pass by.
Dark, Caramelic, Toffee, Biscuity with notes of roasted malts. A beer that’s perfectly brown yet mild on the pallet.
A hazy wheat beer infused and dry hopped with the most refreshing hops and various citrus peels. This beer will hit you with a punch of refreshing goodness, ideal on a warm summers day.
An English Breakfast Stout with strong roasted malt character, balanced with sweetness from milk sugar and rounded by freshly brewed coffee.
NEIPA (New England IPA)
Hazy golden IPA, dry hopped with four different types of hops. The beer is different low in bitterness with aroma notes of banana, pineapple and passionfruit and flavors of exotic fruit and malty freshness; making it very session-able on a warm day.


Today, as we start to write our own story about beer, we cannot do that without the integral ingredient – you. We need you to taste, evaluate and appreciate.

Give us feedback, good and bad, to help us evolve ourselves and our beers into better versions as we have done so thus far. And please do not hesitate to ask questions! We’ll be happy to answer them.